About Us

ELTacademia.com is an educational website devoted to teachers, university professors, researchers, and scholars in the field of English language teaching. ELTacademia is the teachers’ project and one of the affiliates of LingoTies. The website aims to provide a collection of services for English language teachers and scholars. It offers a number of services including educational articles on ELT, the latest ELT news, the upcoming ELT events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., job opportunities for ELT teachers around the globe, ELT professional forum, introducing university scholarship programs, Study Abroad Financial Aids, and international awards, call-for-book chapters and many others.

ELTacademia CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is a new service which can make English teachers globally recognized by providing online courses such as TTC, TEFL, TESOL, and preparation courses for TKT and DELTA (module 1). The trainers of these courses are international trainers with many years of experience. For more information, click here.

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