Jaber Kamali

Jaber Kamali

University lecturer

Jaber Kamali is an author, teacher trainer, Director of Studies, and speaker in the field of ELT.

He is a university lecturer at Farhangian University and PhD candidate of TEFL at Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran. He is also a DELTA (M1 & M3) holder from Cambridge University and has passed Cambridge Train the Trainer. He has been a TESOL/TEFL lead trainer since 2017 for different TESOL/TEFL providers. Moreover, Jaber is a DoS at Kian Language Academy and has been training teachers for almost 10 years and running various workshops in different institutions and universities. Being a researcher for almost 10 years, he has published number of articles in international journals and presented in different conferences worldwide.


British Council Teacher Trainer                                                    2018

Westminster College London Head trainer and examiner           2018

DELTA  module 1, 3                                                                     2017

TKT modules 1,2, and 3  (band score 4)                                     2017

TKT CLIL (band score 4)                                                             2017

TKT YL (band score 4)                                                                2017     

Recent publications

Published Books

  • Kamali, J. (2017) IELTS Writing; How to Write for 7 and Above. Hormoz Publication. Tehran Iran
  • Kamali, J. (2017) IELTS Speaking; How to Speak for 7 and Above. Hormoz Publication. Tehran Iran
  • Kamali, J. (2015) Metacognitive Listening Strategies; Instruction and Implications. Lambert Publication. Germany

Published Papers

  • Kamali, J. (2015). Can Teachers Metamorphose; What Teacher Educators Believe, https://www.civilica.com/Paper-ELSCONF03-ELSCONF03193.html
  • Norowzi, M., & Kamali, J. (2014). ‘The Instruction of Meta-cognitive Listening Strategies: who benefits more?’. Journal of studies of learning and teaching of English 3, 15-40.