Jaber Kamali

Jaber Kamali

University lecturer

Jaber Kamali is an author, teacher trainer, Director of Studies, and speaker in the field of ELT.

He is a university lecturer at Farhangian University and PhD of TEFL from Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran. He is also a DELTA (Full Modules) holder from Cambridge University and has passed Cambridge Train the Trainer. He has been a TESOL/TEFL lead trainer since 2017 for different TESOL/TEFL providers. Moreover, Jaber is a DoS at Kian Language Academy and has been training teachers for almost 10 years and running various workshops in different institutions and universities. Being a researcher for almost 10 years, he has published a number of articles in international journals and presented in different conferences worldwide.


British Council Teacher Trainer                                                    2018

Westminster College London Head trainer and examiner           2018

DELTA  module 1, 3                                                                     2017

TKT modules 1,2, and 3  (band score 4)                                     2017

TKT CLIL (band score 4)                                                             2017

TKT YL (band score 4)                                                                2017     

Recent publications

Published Books

  • Kamali, J. (2017) IELTS Writing; How to Write for 7 and Above. Hormoz Publication. Tehran Iran
  • Kamali, J. (2017) IELTS Speaking; How to Speak for 7 and Above. Hormoz Publication. Tehran Iran
  • Kamali, J. (2015) Metacognitive Listening Strategies; Instruction and Implications. Lambert Publication. Germany

Published Papers

  • Kamali, J. (2015). Can Teachers Metamorphose; What Teacher Educators Believe, https://www.civilica.com/Paper-ELSCONF03-ELSCONF03193.html
  • Norowzi, M., & Kamali, J. (2014). ‘The Instruction of Meta-cognitive Listening Strategies: who benefits more?’. Journal of studies of learning and teaching of English 3, 15-40.