Art can be a very motivating and refreshing tool for students to practice English. It makes the class fun and engages students in the tasks. The workshop includes art-related tasks to practice English: Drama, music, crafts, storytelling, ... are introduced via some practical activities (games)…

Title: Learning / teaching / training: An infinite loop

Presenter: Sally Hirst


What are you doing that helps you improve your…

Course Introduction: Teacher Training Course (TTC) is generally an initial training course for teachers of English as a second/foreign language who have little or no experience in the profession. Its general aim is to develop language awareness and practical skills to provide…

Title: Designing Effective Workshops for language Teachers
Presenter: Professor Simon Borg

Title: Virtual Exchange for (critical) digital literacy skills development
Presenter: Mirjam Hauck

Title: A coaching approach to teaching, teacher development and just about everything!
Presenter: Duncan Foord

Recent development in the field of language learning and teaching has proved that the cognitive development of young learners (YLs) is strikingly different compared to that of adults and thus makes learning and teaching quite different in YLs. On the other hand, most of the teacher training…

  1. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) (Leila Afkhami)
  2. Designing & Delivering Training Sessions (Arin Fallah)
  3. Teacher recruitment (Dr. Jaber Kamali)
  4. Observation (Dr. Jafar Dorri)
  5. Technology in Teaching and Management (Jafar Kianpour)