(W8) A Webinar on Using Kahoot in English Language Classes

April 15, 9:30 pm

Adobe Connect Webinar (Online)


Adobe Connect Webinar (Online)

Title: Using Kahoot in English Language Classes

Presenter: Salvador Montaner Villalba

Duration: 60 minutes


Learning a foreign language and, particularly, the English language has become a need in today’s society, after the first two decades of 21st century have been finished. After more than 40 years, learning and teaching a foreign language has stopped being done within a traditional lesson, and this has been replaced, step by step, by the information and the communication technologies which are, nowadays, taking place significantly and, at the same time, the ICT are offering great challenges within the learning and teaching of foreign languages. Nowadays, with the increasingly use of mobile phones by students, technology in language learning has taken a relevant place in today’s education.

Taking into consideration the importance that mobile learning has acquired throughout the last decade of 21st century, at this webinar I will try to explore the didactic potential as well as some benefits of the so-well known app Kahoot, offering teachers of English as a Foreign Language, both at primary education, secondary education as well as university teachers some tips on how to use in a correct manner and, particularly, from a didactic approach Kahoot. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 (Farvardin 27, 1399)

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