(W5) A Webinar on "Designing Effective Workshops for language Teachers" by Simon Borg

December 4, 9:30 pm

Adobe Connect Webinar (Online)


Adobe Connect Webinar (Online)

Title: Designing Effective Workshops for language Teachers
Presenter: Professor Simon Borg
Abstract: Around the world, language teachers collectively invest thousands of hours in attending professional development workshops each year. Yet it is often the case that these workshops have limited impact on what teachers subsequently do in the classroom. It is important for teacher trainers to think about why this occurs and what they can do to make it more likely that workshops will impact not only on what teachers know but also on what they believe and, most importantly, how they teach. In this webinar I will discuss some key principles which, based on my experiences in many contexts and also supported by the literature, can improve the design and conduct of workshops for language teachers.


December 4, 2019 (Azar 13, 1398)

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