7th British Council New Directions in English Language Assessment in East Asia

June 1, 11:32 am

Pacifico National Conference Centre, Yokohama, Japan



Pacifico National Conference Centre, Yokohama, Japan


New Directions is a series of expert-led regional events in East Asia that brings international and national perspectives on trends and approaches in English language assessment linked to teaching and learning. It is an annual conference organised by the British Council.

Conference theme and subthemes: The design, use, and implementation of language standards and proficiency frameworks in language testing and assessment, and the link between standards, assessment and the wider educational context, such as curriculum design.

  • The alignment of existing tests to proficiency standards and the use of standards to inform the design and validation of new tests
  • The manner in which standards can inform classroom teaching and assessment
  • The impact of using standards to inform policy decisions and set assessment goals, either at a national or institutional level, on teaching and learning.
  • The localisation of standards and proficiency frameworks: adapting large-scale national or international standards to a more fine-grained focus on local needs. 
  • The relationship between the rapid development of artificial intelligence and automated rating technology and assessments designed from and aligned to existing proficiency standards.


Deadline for abstracts/proposals