Teacher Training Course: Young Learners

Teaching Young Learners


COURSE FEE: 5,900,000 Rials


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Current tutors


3 Days (Mordad 29,30,31)

Hours: 9-17 (8 hours a day)


Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020 (Mordad 29, 1399)

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Recent development in the field of language learning and teaching has proved that the cognitive development of young learners (YLs) is strikingly different compared to that of adults and thus makes learning and teaching quite different in YLs. On the other hand, most of the teacher training courses including CELTA, TEFL, and TESOL focus hugely on training adults. It seems vital to address the unmet needs of the pre- and in-service teachers who are working with the YLs.

Young Learners Teacher Training Course aims to tap the initial needs, understanding, and techniques which can match the developmental capabilities of the young language learners.

Course Details:

Day 1:
Session 1: a child-friendly approach
Session 2: Lesson planning
Session 3: How to teach phonics and vocabulary 
Session 4: How to teach grammar + practices

Day 2:
Session 1: Classroom Management
Session 2: TP + feedback
Session 3: How to teach receptive skills
Session 4: using games, songs and chants

Day 3:
Session 1: How to teach productive skills+ error correction
Session 2: TP + feedback
Session 3: Story telling + animations
Session 4: Assessment and course wrap-up


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I want to improve my teaching skills with this course .