Quantitative Analysis with SPSS



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Wednesday, February 26, 2020 (Esfand 7, 1399)

Course Description: This course covers statistical techniques associated with analyzing experimental and quasi-experimental designs. 

Course Overview: The purpose of this course is to prepare you to be proficient in using SPSS in different statistical analyses such as t-test, ANOVA, and correlation. The course emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills that will enable you to conduct rigorous and statistically sound analyses.

Course Objectives:  With the successful completion of this course, the researcher will have the skills to:

  1. Integrate the basics of statistics with its practices in working with SPSS
  2. Understand the appropriate use of between-groups and repeated measures t-test and ANOVA
  3. Analyze and interpret interaction effects

4. Correlation-based techniques

5. Creating datasets for questionnaires and preparing questionnaire-based statistics


Course Schedule


-Introduction to the course

-Understanding the basics of statistics

-Defining variables and statistical designs

Week  2

-Creating data file, entering data, and defining variables  in SPSS

-Descriptive Statistics

-Presenting the data graphically

Week  3

-Comparing two means: Conducting independent t-test

-How to write the statistical reports and interpret the findings

Week  4

-Comparing two means in one group: Conducting  dependent t-test

-Repeated measures designs

Week  5

-Comparing several means I: ANOVA (GLM)(One- way analysis of variance)

-The basics, data structure, and its statistical assumptions

Week  6

-Comparing several means II: ANOVA (GLM)(two-way analysis of variance)

-Interaction effects of two categorical variables

Week  7

-Repeated measures designs I (GLM4)

-One-way repeated measures ANOVA

-The basics, data structure, and its statistical assumptions

-How to write the statistical reports and interpret the findings

Week  8

-Correlation in L2 Research

-Defining variables and variance accounted for

-Introduction to reliability analysis of questionnaires

Week  9

-Creating datasets of questionnaires

-Calculating the internal consistency of scales

-Descriptive statistics of items

Week 10