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Saturday, April 11, 2020 (Farvardin 23, 1399)

Writing is an educated skill. We usually write in our daily life but when it comes to academic writing, it has proved quite different even for the students from English-Speaking countries. The most important academic writing is thesis/dissertation which is the benchmark for evaluating one’s academic achievement in postgraduate levels and even his/her future professional career. Thus, learning how to handle such related issues as choosing an appropriate topic, structure, style, language, citations, and psychological factors such as self-confidence can be critical when writing academic writing. 
This course aims to make the participants aware of the strategies and techniques to hunt a researchable topic, the detailed design of a thesis/dissertation, appropriate writing style and conventions, proper language, citation rules and norms with the hope to foster their self-confidence to end up their study with a well-researched piece of work.

Academic Writing is designed to develop your academic writing skills and strategies in English. Our global aims encompass cultivating literacies necessary for successful written communication in academic, ELT disciplines. Although the primary aim of this course involves helping you build your proficiency and confidence as a writer of academic papers in ELT, it also gives you opportunities for presenting in conferences and getting published in prestigious journals.  
In this course, we will read, discuss, and write about popular and professional texts related to our field.  By reading assigned materials and preparing for class, participating actively in classroom tasks, and completing assignments, you will be able to:

  • Question and critique text content, rhetorical structure, and authors’ purposes;
  • Apply genre awareness by understanding texts, contexts, and the roles of readers and writers;
  • Gather reliable and useful information for writing by conducting effective searches;
  • Summarize, paraphrase, and quote effectively from authoritative sources;
  • Demonstrate efficient planning, drafting, revision, and editing strategies;
  • Reproduce selected scientific and professional genres, including texts, summaries, abstracts, and critical reviews;
  • Provide helpful feedback to fellow writers on their developing texts.

Course Format

We will devote our class sessions to a variety of tasks and activity types designed to develop your academic literacy skills. Class activities will include a combination of instructor- and student-led discussions, reading strategy practice, writing strategy practice, peer response sessions in the moodle, instructor presentations, and grammar and vocabulary check-ins.


Course outline

This syllabus represents our best understanding of the course at the beginning of the class. It may need certain adjustments to be made later to better fit our needs. Such adjustments will be announced in advance.



Suggested Readings




Orientation and introduction (how to find a topic)


Writing a topic



Scientific research paper structure

Mackey and Gass pp. 6-19; Two papers from ELT Journals, TESOL Quarterly, or system




APA style

APA manual pp. 207-268

Practicing a few of the style formats based on APA 



Introduction & Review of Literature

                                                    Eltacademia pamphlet

* Writing the components of the introduction section    * Composing Review of Literature related to a topic 



Method & Data Analysis 

Eltacademia pamphlet Dornyei Z.  pp. 195-273

Writing the components of the method section related to a topic of interest



Discussion & Conclusion

                                              Eltacademia pamphlet

Writing a hypothetical Discussion & Conclusion related to a topic of interest




Eltacademia pamphlet

Writing an abstract on a topic of interest



Action research

Eltacademia pamphlet




Applied linguistics journals (Introduction and evaluation) 

 Eltacademia pamphlet




Term project


Panel discussion





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Academic writing is very important skill. Stylized writing make the text organized and easy to understand by the reader. The much interested text the much varied sentences. 

I gladly joine this course to get the benefit from the others and improve my skills.